While I took my morning walk I noticed that the overnight rain left droplets of water on things along the trail, in particular, on the grasses. The beaded drops looked like tiny diamonds.

My after-walk morning was empty and post-rain gloomy, so I decided I needed to hunt for more diamonds… with my camera.  Off to Crane Park I went.  Here is some of what I saw.

These droplet diamonds brightened my day.  I’m sure you have brightened the day for someone today as well.  Whether you know it or not, God the creator of all, is at work through the good things you do today.

You are today’s gift.

Trillium (4) – Silly

It’s raining today.  Of course, pictures of trillium would be interesting with droplets of rain water on them.  Especially if the flowers are open.  No guarantees there, though.  It would be a 30 minute walk to the trillium patch, in the rain that is with us for the day.  So, it would be silly to make the attempt. Right?  I’d be soaked.  My camera would get too wet.  I should just wait. Hmmm….  

So I did.  I stayed close to home.  I got a little wet.  The trillium would have to wait.

Rain. Today’s gift.


My great idea this morning was to hunt for trillium, a flowering springtime favorite in these parts.  So, I set off, camera in hand, to a trail just a bit north and not far too from here.  Here’s what I found.

Not too promising of a start… at first glance.  I kept looking.

Not trillium, but look what one can find if paying attention.

Still no trillium.  These flowers are still closed up for now.  Maybe I was too early.

Nope.  Not trillium

Keep looking…

At last!  Trillium!  However, it looks like I’ll have to go back in a few days to enjoy a fully flowering feast.

Today’s walk with my camera once again provided unexpected delight.  Today’s gift.