The First Day of School

When I take my morning walk, quite often I’ll hum or even sing the old hymn “This is my Father’s World.” It’s a theme song for me I guess, if people have such a thing. It’s a song that comes to mind as I experience the wonders of God’s good creation every morning. It’s a song that meant something to me back when I was still teaching.

Today is the first day of school at the Christian School where I taught for 30+ years before retiring a few years ago. First school days will be happening for my grandchildren at their Christian schools at some point in the near future, too. To be honest I don’t often think about ‘first days’ of school that much any more. But today, I pray that for them, at whatever level they’re at they’ll be learning, in some way, about what I sing.

Join me? “This is my father’s world…”

Christian Education. Today’s gift.