Morning Walks…

My usual walking routine is to wake up, get ready and go. I walk alone.

This past week my routine changed in that I got up, got ready and went, still alone, but walked in three different states.

Different states, means…

different paths…

different people and things along the way…. 

Different states, paths, people, things… always alone.

Wait! Not alone! No matter the state, type of path, people or things, I’m never alone. Over the course of a multitude of morning meanderings, I have come to realize that every day, I have Jesus walking with me.

Today’s gift.

“… and walk humbly with your God.” Micah 6:8

My Clock

I needed a clock for my workroom, so, over the course of the last 6 months, I made one.

I thought about what I needed and a plan evolved. With my slightly less than average woodworking skills and undiscovered and mostly non-existent art skills, I went to work.

Click on the link to see how it went.  The Clock.mp4

Trillium (4) – Silly

It’s raining today.  Of course, pictures of trillium would be interesting with droplets of rain water on them.  Especially if the flowers are open.  No guarantees there, though.  It would be a 30 minute walk to the trillium patch, in the rain that is with us for the day.  So, it would be silly to make the attempt. Right?  I’d be soaked.  My camera would get too wet.  I should just wait. Hmmm….  

So I did.  I stayed close to home.  I got a little wet.  The trillium would have to wait.

Rain. Today’s gift.