The Mystery Poem

It’s a rainy Saturday here and I’m shuffling through some old things that I’ve written long ago. Tucked away in an old folder, I came across a poem that I had typed out all nice and neat waaaaay back. Who knows when?  Who knows why?

On the bottom of the page there was a note I had handwritten. “Who wrote this?  Did I?”   Apparently, there had been another rainy day when I’d done similar things and had similar thoughts about this particular poem.

I didn’t want to toss this out until I did some research, which of course meant, I Googled it.  So, I searched by title.  I searched by subject.  I even directly quoted the whole poem.  No hits. I found nothing that said that somebody else had written this or even thought about writing such a thing.  So, I’m laying claim to it.

To be sure, there’s nothing notable, earthshaking or life changing about this little ditty.  It’s just that I like it.  It makes me smile. It’s what I needed, a little bit of nonsense to brighten a rainy Saturday. 

Today’s gift.

Emperor Penguin

I am the king of all I see.

I am the monarch of all ice, see.

I am the sovereign of the icy sea.

I am the king of all I see.