Tuesday – Going Home

Right now I’m sitting at the gate at JFK airport. We are waiting to complete the last leg of the trip. We left Tel Aviv at midnight Israel time. After a forever flight, we arrived in New York. Ten of us are scheduled to fly to Chicago and the the rest of the group found out that their Detroit flight had been cancelled. We don’t know what happened to them. I’m trusting they will find their way home. My regret is not being able to say good-bye after sharing such a memorable experience with them. I’m looking forward to hearing about their traveling adventures. Now boarding … Delta Flight 3521 for Chicago… and then home…

PS – The ‘Chicago Ten’ otherwise known as the goats are on the bus heading to Kalamazoo as scheduled. It’s a cloudy rainy day here in Chicago. I hope the Detroit group is doing well and making their way safely home… I’m posting this from the bus with the free Indian Trails wifi.. 🙂

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