K—g’s Rules of Travel – Revisited

Let’s review.

1. Generally, the time traveled is less than or equal to the time stayed.

2. Always live in the time zone you are in.

3. Pack what you will use and use what you pack… ordinarily.

So… how did these work out for me in Israel? #1 – No problem, although the flight from Tel Aviv to New York seemed like it lasted two weeks. The rule refers to actual, measurable time traveled. #2 – So, so.. So far, as is evidenced by the fact that I’m up at 5AM typing this. #3 – Pretty successful here… Every stitch of clothing (but one long sleeved t-shirt) I brought was worn at least once. The exception to the rule is: Imodium, ibuprofen, band aids, blister preventer, etc. Didn’t need them. Didn’t use them 🙂

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