Photo Theme of the Day – Things That Make My Heart Sing

This whole ‘PTOD’ thing started out as a fun little exercise to stretch my photographic eye while out roving the land in Israel.  At first, I’d share the theme with one or two photo-friends as we got on the bus.  Before you know it people were asking, “So, what’s today’s theme?”  The pressure was on.  I’d have to come up with something, if I hadn’t already.  There were nights when I’m sure I lost sleep trying think of some interesting, fun, clever, creative theme… and…  then capture it as our day progressed.  There were themes of feet, shade, lines, hands, water, shapes, patterns and on the last day as we roamed the streets of Jerusalem… “Things That Make My Heart Sing!”

OK, so what does that mean “… make my heart sing… ?” I’m sure the meaning changes from person to person. What causes heart-singing for me may be different for you.  That’s OK, were not all baritones.  In that last PTOD, I looked for subjects that made me smile, told a story, surprised me…  Actually, it’s hard to describe what makes one’s heart sing, but when you find it you know it. The pictures in the following gallery are some of those things…

Some of the ‘heart singing’ photos were borrowed from previous PTOD’s.  Heart singing cannot be limited to one day…. and… it can’t always be captured in a picture.   Voice singing, for example … We had some special moments singing our worship in some special places (There are video clips of some of these in previous posts.)  Then there are the … friendships, community, stories, communion and returning home to loved ones… It’s hard to squeeze all the ‘heart-singing’  meaning, emotion and love through the lens of a camera… However, the images remain in my mind and in my singing heart.

2 thoughts on “Photo Theme of the Day – Things That Make My Heart Sing

  1. Brenda Bouma

    Dave, I just read through this entire blog and am in tears! Your videos were especially meaningful!! Thank you for sharing this amazing experience with those of us who stayed home and prayed. i know your creativity will flow into everything you do in the classroom. So many kids are going to be blessed…

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