Wet Feet and Today’s Gift


I really didn’t intend to start my morning this way. That’s just the way things worked out when I arrived at school at the ‘crack of (before) dawn’ to get at correcting those social studies papers.

For a week or so, I’ve been eyeing the newly hatched corn in the field next to school, thinking of how to somehow get it into a picture. It never seemed to work out… I had papers to correct before school and places to go after… Never time to stop and shoot the corn… until this morning.  The light was right. Plus, the corn would be too tall tomorrow, maybe.


So, I made the time and got my feet quite wet splashing through the dewy knee-high grass to do it.

There’s nothing too profound here. Just a couple of pictures. I really didn’t intend to start this way today…with wet feet and all. Sometimes you have to go with the gift that’s given you at the moment. It might not be there tomorrow. Today it was corn before dawn.

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