The Last Day of School 2014

IMG_8802So there I was 15 minutes before the start of school, reviewing the devotional I was going to use for the last day. It was from the Schaap book and based on the closing verses of Revelation. We started the year in Genesis so it makes sense to end in Revelation. I know right! As I’m reading, oh, dear!! I started getting all choked up… just sitting there at my desk. All that stuff about no more pain, sadness and tears when we finally get to be with Jesus, started to get to me… again.

There was no way I could start the day as a blubbering mess, so Plan B… which was the ‘angel story’ as it’s come to be known. The story really isn’t about seeing an angel in the backcountry of the Smoky Mountains. It’s more about providence, God’s continuing loving care for us. Which until we see him face-to face enables us to endure the things in life that bring us pain and make us sad and cause those tears to flow. God’s providence – today’s (and everyday’s) gift.

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