K—–g’s Rules of Travel… and Timely Tip

Now that the summer travel season is upon us … Let’s review a bit before I give you today’s timely travel tip.

The Rules
1. Generally, the time traveled is less than or equal to the time stayed.
2. Always live in the time zone you are in.
3. Pack what you will use and use what you pack… ordinarily

How did we do today…?
#1- No problem for this trip. Today was a long stinkin’ day, but a good one!
#2- Maybe the rule should be embrace the time zone you are in. We left the house early this morning and after eight hours of travel arrived at our destination before noon! Love the time zones!
#3- Shouldn’t have a problem with this one unless the temp drops!

Now for a timely, travel tip. When staying at a motel, sometimes it’s hard to remember the room number. Do what we do. Associate the room number with its corresponding number in the gray Psalter Hymnal. For example, room 620 = “By the Sea of Crystal.” Today’s room number is ”When Moses Raised the Serpent Up.” If you want to know what the number is, I guess you’ll have to look it up.


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