Babe and Alice


We thought it would be nice thing, if they could get together again. It had been awhile. They were in similar straits after all. Both in their late eighties. Both pretty much confined to wheelchairs. Both of them living in nursing homes, different ones, across town from each other. We knew it would take some intervention on our part to make this happen. A little reunion for my mom and Aunt Alice would be a nice thing. They’re sisters after all.

Not every reunion is nice or desirable. I’m sure there are people out there with whom we just don’t want to reunite. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like these two stopped speaking forty years ago estranged by some terrible tif.  I’m sure their separation all these months (years?) was more likely health related or apathy.

Anyway… we picked up my mom this afternoon, drove across town and visited Aunt Al.  They sat and chatted, reminisced and compared notes on their various conditions and complaints. There was some good natured kidding and ‘b-s’ ing. Their ‘swiss-cheese’ memories made for some interesting but not always factual conversations, to be sure.

We’ve had our share of reunions and get-togethers this year.  They’re a good thing. Today’s reunion was very nice and a good thing, too… for all of us.

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