The Invisible Man

Look! It’s me. I’m sitting right here. What? You can’t see me? What am I, invisible? Hmmmm….Maybe…

Here’s what happened today. I was in front of my class, teaching, teaching, always teaching. At that particular moment I was teaching them about being polite. You know thinking about others, when, say someone, like me,  might be doing something important like teaching about, say, something important.

Anyway, I’m looking straight at this girl who is talking, talking while I’m teaching, teaching. I’m saying things like “You should be quiet and stop talking while I’m talking…” And she’s looking right at me while I’m saying all that and then proceeds to start to chat with her friend sitting in a direct line between me and her… Looking right at me while I’m telling her to stop talking and she’s looking at me, talking to her friend. It was like I was… invisible… spooky, eh? [Cue the creepy music and the scary fog effect.]

And then earlier in the day one of my students brought in a birthday treat – three big boxes of donuts – to share with the class and his teacher, I figured. Well the kids were in a different classroom than I was before break time, the preferred time to pass out treats of that sort. No worries. Even though I wasn’t there at the time of the initial passing of the donuts, no doubt he would search me out and offer his teacher a donut. So there I was standing out in the hall when the birthday boy walked down the hall toward me, grinning and ready to share. He got about 10 feet away, turned to his left and deposited the leftover donuts in his locker and walked right past me… like I wasn’t even there. For the record, I’m about 2 for 13 on the birthday treats this year.

So maybe that’s today’s gift… invisibility…. or maybe not. I do know I sure could have used a donut this morning.  Maybe I’ll stop on the way to school tomorrow…


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