“Things Went Well”

This is how things went today… at least the important stuff.

Yesterday we had a day off due to icy roads. Today, before school I was met by Robbie’s dad. He stood with Robbie clinging to him like he didn’t want dad to go. Robbie’s dad proceeded to fill me in on the chaos that had become their home-life lately and how it turned extreme during yesterday’s ice day. Obviously, Robbie, not the source of the chaos, was deeply affected and his anxiety level was sky high, affecting him at school. He was particularly worried about unfinished homework and getting into trouble because of it.

Dad and I calmly reassured him that all would be well and not to fret over the homework. We then all went about our day. Robbie’s dad left. Robbie and I each did our school thing.

About mid-morning Robbie sidled up to me after having a couple of classes under his belt. Out of the blue, he said, “Things went well.”

“Oh?” I said. “What do you mean?” What he meant was that he didn’t get in trouble for not finishing his homework. What he meant and didn’t say out loud was he received a measure of understanding and grace at school today. “Things went well.”

I usually don’t know what goes on at home when my students leave school. I don’t know the stresses and conflicts, the anxieties and fears that my students might experience there. I don’t really have a lot of influence over that. However, at school, that’s another story.

Today’s lesson and challenge for me is to be that source of understanding and grace that a kid might need on a given day … so that things can go well.

“Things went well…” Today’s gift for Robbie… and for me

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