Go Fly a Kite


All work and no play makes Dave a dull boy.  So… I flew my kite.

It’s a homemade thing that I’m experimenting with to see if it is something I can do with my science students during the last week of school.  I tried it out a few days ago…not much wind… not much flying… but fun!  This time there was lots o’ wind, so I dropped everything on Saturday and tried it again. 

So, there I was, just me and the kite, the breeze and the wide open fields behind school… Oh, and the sheriff deputy trolling for ne’er-do-wells behind the football field bleachers. 

Anyway, the thing flew a bit, flipped a little, and fluttered to the ground. Tried it again, same results. I might need to make some adjustments and of course much more practice will be needed between now and that last week.  Nothing but the best for my students after all.  Heh, heh…

So that’s what I did with Saturday’s gift… Had a little fun… Became a little less dull…

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