November Golf

Yesterday, the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, I played golf! There’s no need to go into how it came about that on this late fall day I ended up playing golf with my brother-in-law and a former college roommate. But I’m here to tell you that we did and we had some fun.

As far as the golf went… 

I hit the ball far … and not so far…. waaaaaay left, waaaaaay right, seldom straight. On some holes I used multiple fairways, but mostly the rough. I explored woods, swamps, ponds, sand traps and backyards in search of my golf ball. If you’re keeping track, I lost more golf balls than I found….. and … If I can brag a bit, I shot my best score of the year… um … my only score of the year, several dozen strokes above par. High score wins, right? Sheesh.

As for the rest of the experience….

I enjoyed the warmish fall day. It was nice to be outside. We three, all teachers, had good conversations, shared stories, talked golf. We groaned about poor shots, almost got hit by one from the group behind us and praised the good ones (in my case the good one…). We talked school, caught up on life, laughed a lot, had fun. For me it was better than the golf. All in all a good few hours spent on a late November day.

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