Little Things


Sometimes it’s the little things that people do that have a big effect.  Not a big deal to the one who does the little thing, but a big deal for the one who receives it.  A small act of kindness, at the right time, delivers just what we need. That’s how it was with a card that showed up in the teacher’s workroom today.

I don’t know the family very well.  I taught their kids at one time.  There it was on the counter, a greeting card from them, with a handwritten note … a little thing …

“…Although we didn’t know Kevin… clearly felt your immense anguish…  sincere sympathy…”

 Simple words profound meaning.  Great effect, wonderful comfort.

That’s what struck me today… Then I wondered about the  ‘little things’ I do.  Helpful? Not so helpful? Big effect, no effect, ‘eh! whatever’ effect.  God can use those little things that we do, and often unknown to us, works his purpose for his kingdom through our hands.  And, that’s no little thing.

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