“There’s A Memo”…”

Right up front, as we began this train trip west, I made it clear that there would be no more blogs about that dang Amtrak coffee mug. It’s the one that I bought dozens of years ago with the promise of free coffee… forever. I realized that I’ve pretty much exhausted the subject of whether or not that forever promise would be honored. I’ve tried the patience of my faithful (six) readers who are looking for something more substantial than Empire Builder coffee. “Enough is enough!” I said, that is…. until Jeanie, the cafe car attendant, when she spied my mug, leaned over the counter and almost whispering said, “There’s a memo out on those…”

Whoa! What? A memo! No! “Yep,” she said, “I heard there was a memo, but I haven’t seen it.” Wink, wink…. Then she took the mug and filled it with free coffee. Smiling, she said with a low gravely voice, “Don’t go broadcasting it now.”

Now, as I drink my clandestine cup of coffee, I vow that I won’t breath a word of it, except to you six. Besides, this will be the LAST time I write about …. shhhhhh…. you know…. wink, wink…

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