Lunar Eclipse

Yesterday’s lunar eclipse was spectacular!  Here it is in all its splendor.

lunar eclipse fun 1

Hmmm… I think the careful observer might wonder about a lunar eclipse happening in broad daylight.  Okay! Okay! Try this one.

lunar eclipse fun 2Better?  Okay, good!  Now, there is a concept out there in the astronomy world known as the ‘moon illusion.’  The illusion is that the moon, at its rising and setting, seems magnified and looks larger than normal.  The moon in this photo  indeed appears larger than normal, however, it’s not rising or setting, thus it has nothing to do with any “illusion.”  Silly!

These pictures have everything to do with my newly learned way to superimpose one picture onto another.  Super impressed? Probably not. Oh well, I had some fun with it, anyway.

Last night I went out with my eyes and camera to capture this year’s version of a lunar eclipse. Perhaps you did the same.  This is the same moon, the same eclipse that was cruising over your location.  Here it was the coldest, clearest night of the winter.  In an area known for its cloudy winter skies I was able to witness an awesome view of the full, eclipsed moon with a host of stars twinkling in the background.  Pictures just don’t tell the whole story.  However, I’ll try to show a bit of it.  Here are a few shots… real ones!

“The heavens declare the glory of God.”   Today’s gift.

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