It was a seemingly impossible job. Eventually it had to be done and today was as good a time as any. The weather wasn’t conducive what with it being 26 degrees outside and a light layer of snow covering the leaves that needed raking. But, we had the people and the time and the rakes.
Here’s how it went…

An impossible job requires breaking the job up into possible pieces. Which we did.

We split up the tools – rakes, tarp and tractor. We assigned the jobs, small chunks that we took care of one at a time.

So today, on this frosty morning, grandkids, grandpa, sister and brother-in-law raked, mowed and then delivered a yard-full of mostly oak leaves to a growing pile in the front ready to be picked up.

There you have it.

Job finished!

Today’s gift…

… until the the next windy day.