Unexpected Delight

Granted the opossum is probably a long-shot to make anyone’s list for the Michigan Wildlife Hall of Fame.  However, when I passed by this critter perched on the fence next to the path on which I was walking this morning, I was momentarily in awe. A ‘possum, on a fence, just feet away,  posing for me.  Wow! Delightful!

On that same walk I interrupted this group having a drink in the creek.  From the look they gave me, they might have been saying, “Oh, dear!”  or maybe “Oh, human!”   I thought, “Wow! Delightful!”

I guess we never know what may cross our paths in the course of a day.   Maybe a posing possum or drinking deer can bring a smile.  Then again maybe one who is dear will brighten the day and bring unexpected delight. 

Today’s gift.

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