It Was Time…

I decided. Last night. Out of desperation?  Perhaps.  Considering the prospects of another day forecast to be cold, dismal, wet. A Saturday, no less. Empty. Gray.  I decided.

It was time.  Time for a change.  After a long week.  A week of closeting in the house.  A week of early to bed.  Late to rise. Random needed naps in between. A head full of who-knows. Blowing my nose. Sneezing to the world, “I am sick and I don’t like it!”  After a woe-is-me week. It was time. 

I decided that it was time for a change.  Since the road to my recovery seemed imminent. I decided it was time to venture out.  Not far.  Just a 100 foot radius.  Just the yard. And not alone.  

I decided that after a miserable week it was time to venture out, with my camera. It was time, once again, to try the 5 – shot challenge.  Would it be possible to photograph five things in my yard on a gray Saturday that would be worthy of publishing in this blog?  What could there possibly be that would pique my interest, that would be noteworthy on such a day as this?

The morning greeted me with a snowy surprise. Here’s some of what I found.

It was time. Indeed, it was time again to remember and enjoy, amid the challenges, that each day is God’s gift.

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