Breaking the Rules – K—-g’s Rules of Travel, that is

Right now I’m sitting on the train somewhere in Ohio, heading east. Since Stu, my seat-mate since Elkhart, is plastered against the window using it for a pillow, I’m enjoying the sunrise over fields and farms from the aisle seat. I don’t think I’ll be sharing my snacks with him.

Since I’m traveling once again it’s a good idea to review K—-g’s Rules of Travel.

1. Generally, the time traveled is less than or equal to the time stayed.
2. Always live in the time zone you are in.
3. Pack what you will use and use what you pack…ordinarily.

How am I doing?
Let’s start with Rule Three. I’m a bit embarrassed by how heavy my bag is considering the short duration of the trip…36 hours total for a 900 mile round trip. Camera gear fills most of it, so I’ll be taking some pictures. Snacks? Working on them… and Stu, no M&M’s for you.

Rule Two. This is an eastern time zone trip only and I love my time zone. No problem here.

Rule Three. OK… Let’s do the math and see how we’re doing with this one.
-Grand total round trip travel/stay time, home-to-home, will be 36 hours.
-Total travel time (train and car) will be 24 hours.
-Let’s see… 36 total hours minus 24 traveling hours leaves 12 hours of time stayed!

Yikes, A grievous Rule One violation! “Revoke his passport! No more train for you! A three month travel ban …”

Oh, wait! There’s one more calculation…. Time stayed (12 hours) times three precious grandsons equals all the reasons in the world for breaking the rules and making the trip:)

I’m glad we cleared that up. Time for some M’s. Sorry Stu.


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