Setting Things Right

I have to admit that I’ve been out of sorts pretty much since spring vacation ended a couple of weeks go. I figured that it had to do with not really wanting to go back to work after a fun week with family and friends. You know how that goes. My past experience has shown that as time moves on the post-vacation blahs usually go away. Not this time, and I didn’t know why.

Last Wednesday I discovered the answer. As I was getting my clothes ready for the next day, Thursday, I looked in my closet for my Lee’s Classic-Fit No-Iron Navy Blue pants, the next one in the wardrobe lineup for the week. You know, Monday the black pants, Tuesday the tan ones and Wednesday the gray Lee’s; then, of course, Thursday,the navy blue pants and then flexible Friday when anything goes.

Something was amiss, as it apparently was the week before and who knows how many weeks prior to that. I was missing, you guessed it, my Lee’s Classic-Fit No-Iron Navy Blue pants, an integral part of the wardrobe rotation. It was no wonder I’d been a bit ‘off’ since spring break. Unbeknownst to me my whole wardrobe rotation was as mixed up as I felt.

So, I searched the whole house. No sign of the pants. Where could they be? How does one go about losing one’s pants? Mentally, I retraced my whereabouts over the last weeks. AHA! Lost in Boston? Missing in Massachusetts, perhaps? One quick phone call confirmed that the missing pair of pants had been left behind, hanging in a closet, at my daughter’s house in Massachusetts. Whew! Mystery solved…

Right now, as I write, I’m on the train, heading home from New York after a delightful family reunion. The train is pretty much on time. The car I’m in is pretty much empty. No big hairy guy got on in Cleveland to sit next to me. Once again, somewhere the sun is rising, as it always does. Things are pretty good…plus… the Lee’s Classic-Fit No-Iron Navy Blue pants are on their way to their rightful place in the rotation. All is well. Life is good. Things are once again set right …and now next week should be a better week. That’s a good thing:)

So then… where did I put that Arrow Permanent Press light blue shirt that goes with the Lee’s Classic Fit…?

A Toledo Sunday Morning
A Toledo Sunday Morning

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