Lost (2)

It’s Saturday, middle of the  morning.  I’m at school wrapping up the week and getting things set for next week.  There are no students, parents, grandparents or teachers here.  I had my pick of the parking spots and I parked right up by the curb! Hah!

One of the things I discovered about blogging is that if you put a (1) in the title, as in “Lost (1)”  that implies that there will be a (2).  Not to mention plunking a TO BE CONTINUED at the end, which,  I’m sure has both of you faithful readers on the edges of your seats wondering, “What next?!”  So now I’m stuck with coming up with a fitting conclusion.  Being a firm believer in finishing what I start…. eventually…, here goes.

I found the social studies materials for the rest of the year.  Not lost in the move, just looking in the wrong places.  As for the lost stories, discovered on an obsolete floppy disk, I resurrected those as well.  Thank you to the folks who don’t throw away their old computers.

As for blogging… We’ll see what happens.  There are stories to be told, new ones to write.  Maybe this is as good a place as any for me to do some writing again.  In the mean time, there’s some work to be done here today … and … I have the prime parking spot.

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