Lost (1)

It’s Friday, a bit after 6 AM and I’m sitting in my classroom typing this after parking across the street and walking in the rain to school… It’s Grandparents Day here at the school where I teach and they need that parking space in the third row of the middle school lot by the light pole where I usually park.  Anyway, this isn’t about that.

I was frustrated yesterday when I couldn’t find my files for my last social studies unit of the year.  Still can’t.  Probably lost in the big move last summer to the new building.  Who knows.  Anyway, this isn’t about that, either.

What it’s about is, I’ve been wondering about this blogging business.  First of all who has time?  Am I going to have to get up even earlier in order to produce this stuff?  Then, why put these things out there?  I’m estimating that this blog has a readership of 2 or 3 give or take 1 or 2,  so, I’m not informing or entertaining the masses.

Last night I had an idea for the next edition of the blog.  In my class the unofficial theme this year has been stories.  I tell stories.  My students tell their stories.  I read stories, some that I’ve written some not.  The kids seem to genuinely enjoy this and I love it too.  A situation came up and I thought of a story that I had written long ago that fit and … hmmmm…. let’s put that on the blog.

Last night I searched all the places that I thought it could be.  Nope couldn’t find it.  I searched the files on the computer.  Not there.  Had I lost my stories?  Then I discovered an old 3.5 inch floppy disc labeled “Stories – Completed.”  Great! I found them!  Then, crap, who has a computer that reads a 3.5 inch floppy disc these days?

TO BE CONTINUED…  since I’m really at school a bit after 6 AM, Friday morning to get things done so that my Saturday can be my own…

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