What Am I Doing Here? – A Story (2)


Note: A new school year is dawning for me, my students and colleagues.  This story explores the question of calling and purpose for the Christian educator.


As Harold negotiated the path to school in the dim morning light, it seemed to him that the energy required to educate his students was being eroded by “extra curricular” pressures. Trying to motivate students who found him less entertaining than the latest video game was tough. It annoyed him. Answering criticisms from parents and students who found his methods of teaching differing from “what were used to” was frustrating. Dealing sensitively with the children in his class whose parents had separated or were divorced was emotionally draining.

He turned into the parking lot as he had every school day for the past umpteen years. His fingers tightened around the steering wheel and he thought ruefully, “I could have gone into the landscaping business with my brother-in-law.” His headlights flashed against the school’s doors as he backed into his parking space.

Mickey Jensen, one of Harold’s students and the subject of much prayer, stood at the door looking out. “He’s at school before most of the teachers lately,” Harold muttered to himself. Then he walked from the fog into the brightly lit hallway decorated with cheery displays from the elementary art classes.

“Hi, Mr. DeWit,” chirped Mickey, his morning mood matching the artwork on the wall. …

…to be continued…

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