What Am I Doing Here? – A Story (3)


Note:  A new school year is dawning for me, my students and colleagues.  This story explores the question of calling and purpose for the Christian educator.


“Hi, Mr. DeWit,” Mickey chirped, his morning mood matched the artwork on the wall.

“Morning, Mickey. How’s it going?” The question was meant to be rhetorical, but the fifth grader answered anyway.

“Okay. My mom got this new job. Has to start early… She drops me off before she goes to work.” Harold recalled the struggles the single parent family had been through this year. “Starting that plant experiment today?” Mickey liked science.

“Right after noon hour, Mick.” Harold remembered he still had a few things to get ready. “Did you want to help set some things up after lunch?”


“Thanks, Mick. Talk to you later, I have to get to a meeting.” Harold ambled down the hall to teacher’s lounge.

“I’ve been teaching kids for thirty-plus years,” thought Harold, as he plunked down into his place at the weekly faculty devotions. “Sure, there have been ups and downs before. Working for the Lord is what it’s all about, … right?” He rubbed his eyes, trying to concentrate on the meeting. Sandra Brown’s devotional flew right by him. His thoughts went back to his own load of troubles – hassles with parents, the discipline problems, the committee work, the mountain of papers to correct – Harold wondered, “When is enough, enough?”  …

… to be continued…

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