What Am I Doing Here? – A Story (4)


Note:  A new school year is dawning for me, my students and colleagues.  This story explores the question of calling and purpose for the Christian educator.


… Harold wondered, “When is enough, enough?”

Then he thought about Mickey. “Things seemed to be finally going his way. He’s been doing better, lately … answered prayer, for sure…” Harold realized that his own problems paled in comparison to what the Jensen family has been going through.

The room brightened as the light from the morning sun slid under the rising fog bank and sneaked through the windows of the faculty room. Harold sipped coffee from his “I ‘heart’ teaching” mug. His own mental fog began lifting about midway through the weekly faculty devotions. A glimmer of light penetrated his soul as Sandy wrapped up her devotions. She read from Matthew, Jesus’ final instructions to his disciples, “… Go and make disciples … teaching them to obey everything I have commanded … surely I will be with you always, to the very end of the age.”

Sandra ended the meeting with a prayer. As Harold walked down the hall, he added his own prayer for Mickey, for himself and this year’s candidates for discipleship. He didn’t know if he would be teaching until the “end of the age,” but he figured 3:10 that afternoon would be a good start.

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