I’m at a teachers convention. My school sends a group every year to learn more about how to reach  and teach middle school students. I know one of the questions when we get back will be what did you learn and what was the best part of the convention.  

We, the four of us, just arrived yesterday. Since we left we drove over 5 hours together, checked into the hotel, registered at the convention, talked, laughed, discussed life at home, at school. Wondered about issues educational, theological.  We talked about faith things. We discussed my new shoes.

So, I learned again that my colleagues are kind, thoughtful, insightful, wise. They care about kids and each other…. and the best part of the convention (without attending a single session, yet) is being with and getting to know these people again… and better.

They are yesterday’s gift, and today’s… and into the future.

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