Fun Friday …


Sometimes, at home, we call it Fun Friday…. At school, Fridays tend to bring lots of student generated excitement of the kind that’s not always focused on what needs to be done. Sometimes it’s not so fun.

I teach in a Christian school and on a recent Friday we ended the day with a worship service. It was more pep rally than worship for the students. For me it was more ‘crowd control’ than worship. It drove me to grab my pitchfork and turn over a load of compost in our school’s pile behind my classroom.

All of this had me thinking yesterday that I should call in ‘sick’ on Friday, what with Friday being the day before Halloween and …. another end-of-the-day worship service scheduled.

* * *

Well, I’m at school, the Friday before Halloween. My goal with this post is to chronicle my day… and report on the fun factor.

Fun with Dark Skies… Walking out of the house before dawn I witnessed three planets making a tidy triangle in the eastern sky…. beautiful!

Fun with teachers at breakfast … There were six of us. Good times, good food, lot’s of laughs … fun.

Fun with students… We started with morning devotions. – After a brief discussion of what we’re wearing on Halloween. I’ll be dressed as myself. That’s scary enough. – Devotions revolved around Reformation Day, also on October 31. I told my students to listen closely during our worship time in the afternoon for words about the Reformation.

Fun with Compost… My science classes went well. We created/filled our compost columns which are mini-versions of our larger compost pile out back. Kids were engaged, cooperative, had fun, found interesting things to toss into it, learned things… about compost of all things.

Fun with end-of-the-day Worship .. The focus was on fun and the energetic and talented students. There were pumpkins and some skit that was cute, but really, why was it included in today’s worship time? There was … not much about God, not much about Reformation Day.

Maybe the whole idea of reformation isn’t that it was just something that happened way back in the olden days. It seems to me that there’s reforming that can be done today. Maybe I’ll give it some thought while I walk the cross country course, or grab my pitchfork and turn over the compost pile.

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