Faculty Devotions

Once or twice a year teachers at my school are assigned an ‘opportunity’ to do devotions for the staff. Not my favorite assignment..

In the past I’ve read a Psalm, picked out something from a book, used a song, wrote a story… and … forgot all about it and just prayed. It’s my turn next Monday. What to do? What to do?

I feel just a wee bit of pressure coming up with something to do devotion-wise for the staff. It can’t be too long (Leave them wanting more, right?), but it needs to be long enough to be worth it. When ‘performing’ in front of one’s peers you want it to be good after all. There’s a lot to think about when trying to produce one of these things…. pressure!

I tell my students that when we do devotions at the beginning of the day we are focusing on God. Devotions help us praise God for what he’s done in the world, in our lives. They provide reminders of God’s providence, giving us peace in trying times. They remind us that we belong to God body and soul. So I guess I should practice what I preach for my edition of faculty devotions. Its not about me… devotions are about God.

So for Monday… I put together a little something about God, the creator. The more I worked through it the more I was reminded how the wonders of Creation point us to God. In our tough times and in the good times, the God who cares for and loves his creation, all the more loves and cares for us.

Tap on the photo or click on the arrow below for  Monday’s faculty devotions.

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