Heart Songs

Friday, I decided to try out next Monday’s faculty devotions (See my last post.) by showing it to my science classes.  It gave me an opportunity to talk about God the creator in a different way. I think they liked the pictures. They heard the message and surprisingly, in each class, after the presentation, while they were doing their work, I heard kids humming “This is My Father’s World,” the last song in the slide show … a ‘heart song.’

I’m quite bad at remembering musical things and if you asked me what my top five ‘heart songs’ are, I’d be hard pressed right now to name two. However, I know one when I hear one. Right now, “This is My Father’s World,” would be at the top of my list. For someone else, it would be something different, I’m sure.  

I wonder what songs my students will have stored in their minds and hearts as they get older? What songs will make them smile, give them goosebumps, cause them to burst out in singing or whistling or coax tears to come bubbling to the surface? What will be their ‘heart songs?’ 

No doubt, a ‘heart song’ will depend on the circumstances in which we find ourselves. My hope for you today is that the Spirit plants a ‘heart song’ in you so that you will be comforted, strengthened and find peace… that, for you, it will be one of today’s gifts.

Here are some ‘Heart Songs’ from Israel 2013…


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