Feelin’ The Vibe

IMG_8340Yesterday, Saturday, was the first really springy day we’ve had in awhile.  Certainly the first since the cold, rainy,  snowy spring vacation just a week ago.  Sunny, warm – perfect.

It was one of those ‘firsts’ days when I wanted to mow my lawn for the first time, wash the car for the first time since the last time in winter at the quarter car wash place.  Perhaps I could wash the windows, weed the flower bed, rake the fall leftovers from the yard.  Maybe trim a tree, apply fertilizer, clean out the garage, fill up the bird feeders…. chat with the neighbor.

Which I did, chat with the neighbor, that is.  I expressed my thoughts on the day, to which he replied, “Yeh, I’m feelin’ that vibe, too.”  Now, he’s considerably younger than I am, but when it comes to the first nice Saturday of spring, we are speakin’ the same ‘vibeful’ language.


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