The SIBS Half-Marathon…Walk

img_1031I know that by now most of you are wondering how it went, especially after living through all of the pre-event hype.  I’m talking about the first-ever “SIBS Half-Marathon… Walk.”  It all started with one sister mentioning something about wanting to walk a 1/2 marathon.  The second sister mentioned that that sounded good to her, let’s plan on June when she’s in Michigan.  The brother, me, not wanting to get shown up by his younger sisters, joined the siblings making a group of three for today’s 13.1 mile walk.

So how did it go…?  It went great!  We (the sisters) started out with enough gear to hike the Appalachian Trail.. so we had everything we needed.  The route we traveled was carefully laid out to provide interesting sites along the way to enlighten us, including a stop at the DQ.  Conversation pretty much filled the entire 5 1/4 hours we were out.  There were lots of laughs.

So today’s gift – a great time with my sisters, getting reconnected.

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