Waves, Clouds, Colors

Faced with a long, empty afternoon I decided to take my camera for a walk.  The wind whipping around my house this afternoon, convinced me that ‘thar be waves out there,’  at Lake Michigan, that is. So, off I went in search of the big waves.  

But what if the waves were disappointingly flat?  Then what? As I drove to the lake, I noticed an interesting mix of clouds and blue sky.  So, no waves, no problem. Thar be clouds! Not only that, the fall colors are creeping farther and farther south.  I thought, “Thar be colors!”  So I challenged myself to come back with 10 pictures that I like – waves, clouds and/or colors. 

I drove on!  As I did, the clouds thickened to a nondescript gray and hid the blue sky.  With the fading clear sky, the sunlight dimmed and the sporadic splotches of fall color gradually lost their brilliance.  Hmmm…. I revised my self-challenge.  Maybe thar be five pictures worthy of keeping?

So here are the five… I like them.  I thought I’d share this afternoon’s waves, clouds and colors.  Today’s gift.

These two pictures don’t count.  They just provide some meteorological context. 

These are the five…


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