New Moon

Yesterday there was a new moon.

Well, not brand never-existed-before new. Just a phase

You just can’t see it when it’s new. So,

It’s the same moon

Nothing has changed.

A new moon rises in the east with the sun

It sets in the west with the sun

When the moon is new you can’t see this dance, but

It’s the same moon.

Nothing has changed.

When the moon is new, the far side is illuminated

The near side is not, it’s dark, waiting for the light. Yet,

When the moon is new, you just can’t see it. No light. However,

It’s the same moon

Nothing has changed.

That’s how it is with life sometimes

The familiar, the precious, the things relied on

For a time seem to disappear. Out of sight. Remember

It’s all the same

Nothing has changed.

Next week the moon will not be new, but

Waxing, crescent, growing again

Beautiful again

It’s the same moon, always and forever

Nothing changed.